Biggest Festivals in Australia in July and August

Australia is well known for its celebratory atmosphere and the fun-loving and relaxed attitude of its inhabitants. For Australians, July and August is perhaps the most anticipated months of the year because of the plethora of different celebrations, festivals, concerts and other entertainment opportunities available. Australians love a party, and the country does not fail to deliver during the much-anticipated months of July and August.

Having said that, there is a lot of choices available for those wishing to have a good time in the country, and most of these choices are hard to make.

Here are four events in Australia that you absolutely must attend:

Abbey Medieval Festival

Lose yourself in the bustling marketplace or amongst the colorful tents of the medieval re-enactors’ encampments. Here you will glimpse the past as re-enactors portray facets of the everyday life of Viking raiders and traders, of Middle Eastern warriors and nomads, and nobles and peasants from the tremendous European households.

The Medieval festival is one of the most iconic festivals that Australia hosts. It is unique, enjoyable, and memorable in its outstanding way and comes to represent the tolerance, love, compassion, and knack for uniqueness that Australia boasts. The festival is a must for anyone even remotely interested in history!


Modifyre is an annual event that encapsulates a living and breathing community. It is dedicated to art, self-expression, and self-reliance. The festival is aimed at allowing people to understand themselves, understand others, and develop a sense of love and compassion for every community, especially those who do not get the chance to show off their passions, skills, and expertise is everyday life. Modifyre is like the Burning Man of Australia- a tribute to the rule-breakers, the exceptions, and the lovers.

Australian Surf Festival

For a country obsessed with surfing, there is perhaps no festival as apt as the Australian surf festival. The festival aims at celebrating the surfing skills of the country, with various awards, accolades, and recognition being given out to the best surfers in the country. Many prestigious Australian Titles will be decided across multiple surfing disciplines joint to create a full surfing festival. The surfing disciplines include shortboard, longboard, loggers and body board.

The Gertrude Street Projection Festival

This unique free celebration of projected media transforms the length of Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, into an illuminated outdoor gallery. From dusk until midnight projection art from international projection artists, community groups and general entries transform the length of the street. Visit their Festival Hub for events, workshops, and music. Art is projected onto surfaces where you least expect to see it.

In general, the different events in Australia represent the uniqueness of its culture, the innovative and thoughtful attitude of its people, and the fantastic atmosphere and environment that the country operates in.

While there are many other fantastic events that the people of Australia celebrate, the ones mentioned in this article outline some of the most unique and inspiring events that the country has to offer. There are various festivals, celebrations, and competitions that mark July and August in Australia, all of which provide equally amazing experiences.

Australia is a fantastic country, with lots of different opportunities for celebration, fun, and enjoyment jam-packed into the beautiful months of July and August. You will also never have to worry about running short on money! With convenient, quick and reliable money transfer services like Ria Money Transfer Australia available, you can always be carefree about any potential money shortages.


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