Experience Tet, the Vietnamese New Year Celebrations in Australia

Tet, the Vietnamese New Year is one of the most significant and popular festivals in Vietnam. This annual celebration marks the arrival of spring, and according to the Lunar calendar, this sacred festival takes place around late January or early February. Tet is considered as an opportunity to pay respects to the ancestors, get rid of any debts and bad fortune, and visit temples, family and friends. The Vietnamese decorate their homes, buy new clothes, adorn the streets with colored lights, enjoy delicious foods and delectable drinks and put a firework display in the sky to end an already spectacular night.

This traditional festival is so special for the Vietnamese people that they feel extremely nostalgic and wish to travel back to their home country to have a family reunion. However, not all those who are away from their homes have favorable circumstances to come back and be a part of the festivities. But, what if we tell you that you can make the most of the celebrations even if you’re situated on the opposite side of the world. Yes, Tet is celebrated in many countries and taking the merriment to a whole new level, Australia commemorate the Vietnamese New Year in the most beautiful manner.

Tet Celebrations in Australia

The Vietnamese community in Australia welcomes Tet keeping all the traditions in mind. Since, there is stifling summer in Australia during the Tet holidays, people have no choice but use plastic apricot and peach blossoms. However, the attractive cockscomb, marigold and daisy prettify this holy occasion in Australia. Sydney being the most populated metropolis in Australia boasts four popular Vietnamese markets- Bankstown, Canley Heights, Cabramatta and Marickville. Most of the store owners in these markets keep their shops closed for Tet holidays. They believe that this is the best time to take a break after working the year round.

Families gather together and create a warm environment by paying respect to their ancestors, enjoying the scrumptious Vietnamese food including pickled scallion heads, lean pork paste, and pickled welsh onion, dancing the night away and lighting the sky with picturesque fireworks. The Vietnamese people usually visit temples to seek good fortune on the first day of Lunar New Year. On the same day, big stores in the Cabramatta and Bankstown markets host Lion dances to create a full-filled atmosphere, wish good luck and grab people’s attention to the store. Not to mention, the Lion dancers are as talented as their counterparts in Vietnam.

If you’re after a Tet extravaganza, you won’t like to miss out on the Fairfield Showground fair organized in Fairfield, a western suburb of Sydney. The fair’ booths are beautifully decorated, breathtaking Lion dances are performed, tantalizing food is served, and recreational activities for kids adds to all the excitement. The festivities are almost similar in all other areas of Australia that has Vietnamese communities.

To ensure that their families have a good time in Vietnam, many people send gifts back home. Since sending cash is simpler thanks to all the reliable money transfer options out there, the Vietnamese living in Australia prefers to send money to Vietnam over gifts. One such great option is the Ria money transfer that not just helps you put a smile on the faces of your family and friends by transferring money at affordable rates but also provides an amazing discount offer to its customers. All the customers get a $1 discount while sending money in VND. All you have to do is use promo code ‘VIETNAM.’ Not just this, after completing two transactions within the promotional period, new customers are given a gift card worth $10. (The offer is valid from 14th Jan, 2019 – 28th Feb, 2019). It can be said that though the Tet celebrations are not as authentic as in Vietnam, Australia certainly gives a feeling of a home away from home. So, if you’re not able to travel back home to celebrate this auspicious occasion with your family, there is absolutely no reason to feel bad. Step out, the heavenly festivities in Australia will surely make you feel close to your loved ones.

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