Life Hacks While Traveling

It doesn’t matter if you are a frequent traveler or you travel only occasionally, you definitely need some useful hacks to make your traveling experience less demanding and more relaxing. If its money that concerns you the most or you’re simply worried about moving to an unfamiliar place, just sit back, relax, and read the following 5 lifesaving travel hacks:

  1. Using Google Maps Offline by Typing ‘OK Maps’

The first thing you should do before you leave your home for Airport is download Google maps. You can use it offline by typing ‘OK Maps’. This feature of Google Maps allows you to save offline maps of those areas which you can access in future to reach your destination. This way, you will save money on expensive mobile data and can easily navigate the places where you want to go. Even when you can’t find Wi-Fi services or your internet might be slow, you can browse offline on your mobile. Simply, go to the Maps app, select the specific area you want to save, tap the near search box and type ‘OK Maps’ into the field. Once you press Download, it will display you the maps of areas which you can view offline.

  • Sending money to yourself

One of the most rewarding travel tips is not relying on money exchange companies or even your ATM card. Currency exchange companies would offer you worst exchange rates along with a fee or service charges. These eventually cost you more than the standard bank rate. However, banks also charge you ATM withdrawal fees which again makes you pay way too much than what you expected. So, what’s the solution?

Send money to yourself before you travel through a trusted online money transfer and take advantage of best exchange rates. To make the most out of your traveling experience you should visit Ria Money Transfer and register your account. Ria Money Transfer offers you excellent financial services through which you can send and receive money in the most convenient, easiest, and cost-effective way. Avail the great exchange rates, low fees, and the convenience of sending money online within seconds.

  • Organizing your luggage and making it ‘easy-to-carry’

Your luggage will be with you the whole time, burdening your luggage with so many heavy things will only add fuel to the fire. Make it as lightweight as possible. Pack your essentials only and organize them so your luggage isn’t overstuffed. Keep the important documents in the front side of your bag so that you can easily and quickly grab them whenever you need to. Roll your clothes instead of folding them and then arrange them properly in your bag. This way you will save a lot of space and you’ll also able to find your things without rummaging around.    

  • Taking a water bottle with you

It might seem like a basic requirement to you but you never know how much forgetting a water bottle can cost you. Carrying your own water bottle means you will save a good amount of money. You wouldn’t have to buy it from any expensive shops and you can refill it for free.

  • Bringing a pillow or just a case with you

To make your journey more comfortable and pleasant, bring a small comfy pillow with you. You can rest your head on it whenever you need to relax. Besides, if you want to save more space in your bag, take a pillowcase and stuff your clothes in it. You can also use it as a pillow with your clothes in it. This will save space in your bag.

We hope these hacks help you greatly when you plan to travel. Give them a try and enjoy a safe happy journey.

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