Mother’s Day Ideas: What to Give Mom When You’re Thousands of Miles Away?

Mother’s day is a special occasion to show your love and gratitude for the first woman in our lives. A perfect gift chosen with care and thought can convey your feelings perfectly. However, when it comes to buying a gift for this occasion, there are various options, and finding the perfect one can be difficult.

Moreover, when you are in a different city, this decision becomes even more difficult. Leaving home is a challenge, and keeping up with a long distance relationship with your mother is quite challenging.

So this occasion is perfect for giving a gift or sending money to mom to remind her of how you feel and how much you appreciate her. This guide shows some of the perfect gifts that you can send your mother on this special occasion.

Send Money to Mom

The perfect gift can be sending money to your mother. She can easily put that money to use in what she wants. Fortunately, this Mother’s Day season, Ria Money Transfer is running a promo for transactions sent to Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Philippines, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, and Romania between 1st May to 12th May 2019. Ria will add £5 to what the receiver gets, and a £5 Mastercard® Prepaid Card* for the sender. Avail this promo by using the promo code given in the promo page here:

This offer is valid for sending over 100 pounds. So send over 100 pounds through the website for Ria transfer to avail this opportunity. Moreover, the Mastercard gift cards will be emailed to the email id that is registered with Ria. Also, the maximum time duration for the delivery of the gift card is 4 weeks.

Watch With Dual Time Zone

This is the perfect gift for mothers who worry a lot regarding what time it is at your place. With this watch, she can be assured and can see whether it’s early or late to make a call.

Kindle e-reader

E-readers are the most convenient and entertaining devices for book lovers. If your mother loves reading, then this is the perfect gift for her, as it is light in weight and easily portable. With good battery life and Wi-Fi, you can download your mother’s favorite books before sending it off to her.

Smart Herb Garden

This is a good option for those who do not have access to gardens and who are too busy to look after plants. This smart herb garden contains LED lights that light up and close off automatically. Moreover, the smart soil and water supply keep the plants healthy. Your mother will be reminded of you whenever she sees it.

Air Fryer

Get an air fryer for your mothers who believe in nutritious foods. This kitchen device is perfect for making healthy foods without the use of oil.

Smart Cleaning Robot

Cleaning is an everyday job. So if your mother dislikes cleaning, or is way too busy, this device will assist her, and it is a perfect way to show your gratitude for her.

Chocolate Delights in a Box

Chocolates are the perfect gift for any occasion. So treat your mother with a perfect combination of her favorite chocolates. She will surely be delighted by this gesture.


Being far away from home during special occasions is quite challenging for both parties. But you can be with your loved ones emotionally if not physically. So the best way to show your love and gratitude to your mother during mother’s day is by sending money to mom. It is the safest and most useful way of getting your feelings across.

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