Unique Ideas to Spend Father’s Day with Your Dad

Let’s face it; none of us can vow that we spend enough time with our fathers or give them the love and attention that they deserve. Fathers are important, and Father’s Day is a good way of showing your father how much you really love and care about them.

The problem often is, however, that we don’t spend enough time thinking or planning about how we would like to spend the special day with our father, which often leads to boring, cumbersome, and ritualistic plans for spending the day with your dad. Here are some unique ideas that you can draw inspiration from to spend Fathers’ Day with your dad:

Go to a comedy show

Everyone loves comedy and sitting together for an hour and laughing your socks off can be a great way to re-connect and have a great time while doing so. Comedy and laughter is great to develop a bond and to spend time doing something that is enjoyable and relaxing, so it may be a good idea to use Father’s Day to book two tickets for the comedian in town and have a great day laughing till you can’t breathe. Be careful, though; you may want to review the comedian or the type of comedy he or she does depending on how chill your relationship with your father is.

Take them to their favorite childhood restaurant

This is also a great way to re-live some old memories and give your old man a day he will remember. Ask other, more older people in your family about what your Father’s favorite childhood eating place was and take them there to give them a strong hit of nostalgia. This will not only be a memorable experience for him, but will also communicate to them that you put thought and effort into planning the day for them.

Take them on vacation

While these can be expensive, if you can afford them and if you plan in advance a short vacation with your father can be a great way to redevelop that father-child bond and make sure that they also have a fun time. You don’t need to take them to an exotic location out of the country (in case you do, Ria will be there to solve any worries about sending money)- a trip to the state capital will be enough to make their day.

Cook for them

Cooking for them will show them that you are willing to give them a personalized experience to show them how much you appreciate their love and care. Doing something together, such as cooking, is also a good way to re-connect and have an intimate day with your loved one. Making them their favorite meal is just a brilliant add-on!

Go on a Road Trip

Driving together to your favorite out-of-town location will not only be relaxing but will also be a good way to have a long and cathartic conversation with your dad. Here, you can talk about stuff you have been holding in for some time and allow them to release, making it a great experience for you and them.

Road trips are also memorable, and we are sure that they will appreciate you taking out the time and making an effort to ensure that their special day is memorable for them.

All in all, fathers are special, and Father’s Day should be a day to celebrate the specialty of the day and express our gratitude to them. Being slightly innovative by giving it a little more thought will go a long way for you and for them!

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